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This community features fanfiction by me - Karen U. My livejournal and fanfiction.net name is revivingophelia. The only place to find all of my fic is my yahoo group KarenFic, but any new fic will be posted here.

While my latest fic obsession is Arrow/Avengers crossovers (usually centering around Thea Queen or Felicity Smoak), a large portion of my fics (since late 2010) center around former WWE diva Eve Torres, often pairing her with CM Punk. Since early 2013, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns have been appearing more. I also have a lot of older fics centering around the WWE's Lita, John Cena, and Randy Orton. Those three also appear in the more recent fics with Eve, as do Ted DiBiase Jr., Kofi Kingston, and others. Before getting back into WWE fic, much of my fic from 2008-2010 centered around Smallville's Chloe Sullivan, usually pairing her with Oliver Queen or with Sam or Dean Winchester of Supernatural... and occasionally with Bruce Wayne. (I love writing crossovers.) I've also started writing Avengers fics, generally based on the recent movie. Other genres I write include Harry Potter, Twilight, BtVS, Roswell, Angel, Criminal Minds, etc.

Each month, voting by members determines a new fic of the month. That fic will be updated several times during the course of the month. The banner for that fic will be in the userinfo and the default icon will reflect the fic of the month during that month. A fic that wins the finals will not be in the next month's polls.

Fic of the Month winners: As Wrong as They Seem, Lies Just Won't Stop Slipping, Fractured Reality, Meltdown, Forever in My Shame, Like it's Been Forever, Forever in My Shame (2nd time), Broken in Our Own Ways, Sicker of Pretending, Broken in Our Own Ways (2nd time), Seem so Cruel, Dangerous to Know, You Thought You Knew, A Healthy Distrust, Little Green Men (and Other Myths), Turned My Head, In Name Only, Christmas in Nowhere, Kill My Fears, Tower Over Me, In This Place We Belong, Kill My Fears (2nd time), Here Inside My Mind, Gonna Be Alright, When You're Beside Me, Here Inside My Mind (2nd time), Still Burning, Hunt You Down, Reach For Me, Everything That's Worth Having, To Show Me You Were There, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, When the World's Crashing Down, The Ice Inside Your Soul, At the End of it All, Screaming in the Dark, Aren't You Gone Yet, Who I Might Be, Don't Leave Me, At the End of it All (2nd time), All the Wrong Places, At the End of it All (3rd time), Collide, Once Upon a Time, From Scratch, Tangled Up in You, With a Tainted Heart, All's Fair in Love (and War), All the Answers, The Devil Drawing Near, Still Not Sure What I Stand For, To Ride Out the Storm, And What Fades Away, Higher I'll Climb, Don't Get too Close, Higher I'll Climb (2nd time), Still Not sure What I Stand For (2nd time), Higher I'll Climb (3rd time), All Your Ways, Higher I'll Climb (4th time), All Your Ways (2nd time), Higher I'll Climb (5th time), All Your Ways (3rd time), Still Not Sure What I Stand For (3rd time), All Your Ways (4th time), Higher I'll Climb (6th time), I Know What's Best For Me (But I Want You Instead), All Your Ways (5th time), Until Somebody Loses Their Mind, Starting at the End, All Your Ways (6th time), Counting All the Scars, Hell is Empty (and All the Devils Are Here), While You Watch My Heart Bleed, Until Somebody Loses Their Mind (2nd time), Where I Am Not Alone, While You Watch My Heart Bleed (2nd time), Villains That Live in My Head, While You Watch My Heart Bleed (3rd time), When Our Demons Come

Current Fic of the Month:
When Our Demons Come